Wednesday, August 16, 2006


When I was last in Japan, I made an overnight trip to Kyoto, mainly to see Takigi o-noh at the Nanzen-ji temple. After the play, I decided that since it was rather late I would have a small dinner in my hotel room. I stopped at the 7-11 near the temple to get some snacks and I was surprised that they had a pretty big selection of saké! I had no idea which to get, so I decided to get a Nazen-ji souvenir cup-saké. Even if it was awful, I could dump it out, keep the cup as a souvenir, and raid the mini bar for something palatable. It was actually pretty good, at least it seemed right with my convenience store bento. About the only things that I can read on the label are "20%" and "65%" - I'm assuming that is 20% alcohol and the polishing rate is 65% rather than vice-versa!

I was reminded of this story when I found THIS on gaijinphoto. This makes me so jealous! I will definitely try to get to Ajinomachidaya when I am next in Japan. Check out the cup-saké page on their site!


melinda said...

Ha ha! Yeah, I think you might have noticed if the alcohol were that high! It is a cute cup.

Actually, I live sort of nearby Ajinomachidaya. It's a great place, but I once went there right before they closed for New Year's, and it was PACKED with people stocking up for the break (like me). The staff there is really nice and they keep trying to get me to try more of their nigorizake.

Timothy said...

I'm in love! I totally dig that page with all the sake cups!!! I'm by nature a collector and that is a collection that makes me feel envious!! I'm going to leave lots of empty room in my suitcase when i finally make it over to Japan.