Thursday, September 07, 2006

Full moon viewing with Root of Innocence

Usually I'm not aware of the phases of the moon, but I now realize that a full moon is an excellent excuse for moon viewing and saké drinking! For the last full moon (September 7th) Rob and I opened a bottle of Mukune, "Root of Innocence." So delicious! First thing I noticed in the aroma was a bit of fruit and butterscotch. The taste was full with a huge flavor of butterscotch and some mellon at the end. I loved this saké (even though, along with the moon, it inspired some very bad poetry) .

SMV 55%
Polishing rate +2
Acidity 1.8
Alcohol 16%



Anonymous said...

Very tasty indeed. I liked this one, too, with its full, spicy flavor. But what I really want to know about is the bad poetry. Any chance of humoring us with a line or two?

A haiku? Please?

Valerie Urban said...


Oh, haiku... I wish it had been that sophisticated! I went back to my notes from the evening and it seems that I didn't record the bad poetry. I think that is really for the best!