Saturday, July 22, 2006

What I bought at Surdyk's today

Today was the last day of Surdyk's famous wine sale, so I went bright and early to stock up! Surdyk's is by far the best source for saké in the twin cities. The buyer, Noel Nichols, is very serious about saké: he went on a "fact-finding" mission to San Francisco and when he came back he moved all the saké to it's own refrigerated section and went so far as to put in bulbs covered by UV filters (they are possibly the first retailer in the country or even the world to take this precaution). That is serious!

Here is a list of what I bought:

Takasago Ginga Shizuku "Divine Droplets"
Hakutsuru draft (6 bottles of the 180 ml size: it's good to have something on hand to drink when I don't feel like thinking about it)
Fukucho "Moon on the Water"
Ichinokura taru junmai cedar aged saké
Kanbara "Bride of the Fox" (Foxy Lady on the Surdyk's sales slip!)
Kurosawa junmai daiginjo
Meibo Yowano tsuki junmai ginjo "Midnight Moon"
Yaegaki nigori
Ichinokura junmai nama saké "Hyakkoi"
Ohyama nama (2 bottles - I've had this before and I love it!)
Tsukino Katsura junmai-daiginjyo nigori
Hitori musume nigori
Gekkeikan Black & Gold

It's a good thing that I don't cook, because I have no room in my refrigerator for food!


Melinda said...

Oh my goodness! The way you've stocked your fridge reminds me a little of my mom's reaction to the Y2K threat. No, it's great, and in fact, I'm just jealous that I have a tiny dorm-room-sized refrigerator. Which one are you drinking tonight? I'm sipping on Urakasumi Junmai Honjozo myself.

Valerie said...

Yes, in case of national emergency, I will be all set! Last night I had to go out and was served cheap red wine, so no sake. I'll start tonight!

Melinda said...

Gomen ne! I made a mistake. yes, of course you're right - there is no such thing as junmai honjozo, but there is junmai ginjo. I was trying to multitask and didn't realize that I'd typed honjozo. The kanji at the top of my bottle reads: junmai jozo. "Jozo" means brewing.

Valerie said...

re: honjozo, I think that I read or heard (hard to remember all I hear and read!) that honjozo is not easy to get in the US because of higher taxes on "distilled liquor". I'll have to do serious research on this!
ps, thanks for the mini Japanese lesson - I don't think I have heard the word jozo before!

Melinda said...

You should round up all your sake-lovin' friends and lobby against that ridiculous law! I'd like to, too, but I haven't had the chance to look into it.

Anonymous said...

The entire top shelf in my fridge is all filled with sake,too, so I can dig it! Nothing better than to have your own little sake minibar when you get home after a long day. Enjoy your stash! looks like you picked some great stuff!

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