Friday, April 24, 2009 is a new online source for premium sake, information about sake, and more. They have joined forces with Beau Timken of True Sake in San Francisco to offer an enticing selection of sake available individually or through two Sake of the Month clubs:

Samurai Select: This group of sakes will focus on Junmai, Honjozo, and some Ginjo brews that speak to folks who like everyday drinking sakes rich in body and feeling. As these brews are a little less milled and pampered they bring out more rice tones and backbone, which translate to a wider spectrum of food pairing opportunities. This selection also lends itself to more temperature plays from chilled to heated.


Emperor Exclusive:
This group of sakes will focus on Daiginjo and Ginjo sakes that speak to those drinkers who like the royal treatment in their brews. These sakes are the best of the best – the ultimate in hand-crafted brews that celebrate the nuances and subtleties of sakes that have been milled to insanely low polishing rates. This selection represents great sipping brews that lend themselves to gentle and subtle food pairings with an emphasis on clean.

You can also order sets based on Timken's "TasteMatch system" (see his book, Sake A Modern Guide), including sets put together for those who like red wine and those who like white wine.

Education is a large part of and so is the social aspect; Timken maintains a blog at the site and there are forums for the community to ask questions and to post their ideas on tastings, pairings and anything else sake related.

I really like the site; it's thoughtfully put together, visually appealing and full of content. Check it out, join the community and order some sake!


Tokyofoodcast said...

Thanks, Valerie! This site looks great and I really like the monthly club thing. Wish them the best!

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